Friday, April 20, 2012

Karyn's Cooked restaurant - in Chicago

Karyn's cooked has been on my restaurants to visit wish-list for quite some time. The boyfriend and I dined here a few weeks ago. Here are my thoughts on our visit…

I ordered the carrot-tofu Flautas, which were $13. The flautas were a little too greasy for my liking, though the description does state that they are fried so I suppose I was warned. The carrot-tofu filling tasted a little soapy(?) and could have used a great deal more tofu. If I’m paying $13 bucks for a dish, it better have a substantial amount of protein, ya dig? I’m guessing the flautas barely had a serving’s worth of tofu in them.  But the flautas did come with a decent side of refried black beans, some tortilla chips, as well as a huge scoop of guacamole and some mixed greens with salsa.

I wasn’t impressed with what the boyfriend got (Southern Comfort entrée). I’m not that fond of collards in the first place, but these didn’t taste that fresh to me and looked like maybe they were prepared from frozen greens? The dish did come with a HUGE portion of beans, though, with rice and cornbread on the side (not gluten-free, by the way).

I really liked the carrot ginger soup. Not too gingery, and it had the perfect consistency.  They also serve Mighty Leaf tea, so that’s pretty rockin'. Overall, I would probably give Karyn’s another shot, as I was not that impressed with our first visit. It wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t GREAT

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  1. I've made a few of your recipes in the past but only just now noticed you were dealing with autoimmunity too! It's always a nice surprise to find a fellow autoimmune-friendly food blogger with some of the same less-than-mainstream dietary needs and an understanding of just how important that diet is. Looking forward to trying all of your GF/V baked goods this month!